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3D Awareness Areola

3D Awareness Areola® is a technique of micropigmentation created by Paola Gateño that can re-create a nipple areola complex after mastectomy (breast cancer).


Paola Gateño

SC Trainer, CEO The Beauty Holding company; PAOLA GATENO STUDIO International Academy; Founder and Director of Fempo Foundation in Spain & Chile


Speaker Information:

Paola Gateño, CEO of The Beauty Holding company & PAOLA GATENO STUDIO, Spain & Chile, will focus on the technique’s that can re-create an areola-nipple complex in mastectomized patients, also will be introducing the Global Pattern®. This method created by Paola is a way to see a patient from all around.

All PMU artists must understand that we can generate much more than a treatment, but a change of perspective that the patient has about themselves. That is why this method can change a life of a patient… is the secret of the excellence!

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