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Silk Lips

The uniqueness of the technique of Silk Lips is in implanting the pigment directly under the epidermis with minimal trauma, which allows you to almost eliminate the use of anesthesia completely, since pain is absent or minimal. With this application technique, the skin structure is completely preserved. The result looks very natural without the effect of lipstick.


Margarita Starichenko

Master and Trainer at the International PMU Center Ultra, Moscow, Russia


Speaker Information:

Margarita Starichenko has 10 years of experience in the industry and is a master and trainer of Permanent make up and aesthetic cosmetology of the International Center for PM ULTRA, Moscow. She is a representative and speaker of Ultra Academy at international conferences and exhibitions.

Being an extremely responsible and careful person, Margarita uses only the highest quality materials, because clients trust her with their faces! Thanks to her experience and practice, Margarita has realized that it is necessary to work as carefully and gently as possible with the facial skin and especially with the mucous membranes, and that the pigment should be removed from the skin after 1.5 to 2 years to avoid unwanted color inversion. The Swiss Color® Silk Lips course is the most popular and sought-after course at the Ultra Center, as the sensitive lip area requires extensive knowledge of special working techniques.

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