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Scarless Microblading

Fall in love with Manual PMU again by learning Ana’s new scarless microblading and microshading technique. Best healed results in any type of problem skin and hand movement and needle configurations will be shown in this presentation.


Ana Perrone

SC Instructor

Founder and owner of Miami Beach Microblading Medspa, USA


Speaker Information:

With 18 years of experience, in Brazil and USA, Ana is the creator of the number one most downloaded Microblading app in the world. She is also Microblading Instructor & PMU trainer for the Swiss Color® Academy USA. Miami Beach Microblading Medspa is the only Swiss Color® branch in USA allowed to train students and future trainers.

In her presentation, Ana will share her expertise and knowledge on how to perform perfectly shaped Microblading treatments without scarring on any skin type.

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