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Arabic Brows


The combination of microblading and micropigmentation for a 3D look of the eyebrows.


Joumana al Bahou

SC Master Trainer
Owner of a beauty salon that is specialized in repairing old tattoo, Lebanon


Speaker Information:

Joumana al Bahou, an international SC Master Trainer from Lebanon, will be representing Swiss Color® Saudi Arabia. She has been in the beauty industry for more than 25 years, holds several diplomas and has a five-star master’s degree.


Joumana specializes in all areas of Permanent make up like eyebrows, lips, areola, eyeliner, scars, needling, burnt skin, Dermaneedling and scalp pigmentation. She is also an expert in the removal of all types of tattoos using methods such as Laser, SC colorX and SC colorLight for lips, eyebrows and body tattoos. Her favorite techniques for eyebrows with Microblading and Permanent make up treatments are shading, powder and ombre. For lips, she specializes in light color, lipblush, mixing and correcting colors. In her presentation “Arabic Brows”, she will focus on a special technique for thick, oily skin, which should be done with multiple colors and carefully selected needle sizes and a little retouching after healing.

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