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Swiss Color® Pigments Insights


Development and launch of the new REACH conforming Swiss Color® pigments, use of the new pigments and correct mixing insights.


Ingrid Bregenzer

Founder and CEO of Swiss Color® International; SC Master Instructor specialized in Paramedical and PMU


Speaker Information:

Ingrid Bregenzer has always been passionate about beauty and decided at an early age to launch into the world of Permanent make up.

After founding the company Swiss Color® and developing the world’s first iron oxide free pigments, her sister Helga Langreiter, joined the venture and together, they developed the high-quality, well-known, and worldwide respected Swiss Color® brand further. In 2021, ingredients legislation for Permanent make up pigments in Europe changed and Ingrid took this opportunity to launch a new range of unique Permanent make up pigments. Proving once again, that Swiss Color® is the world’s leading PMU, MB and Paramedical brand with the most innovative and safe products any artist can get!

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