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Swiss Color® History & Ingredients


A short overview of Swiss Color® history and the ingredients used in Swiss Color® pigments.


Helga Langreiter

CEO, SC Cosmetics Handels GmbH, Austria


Speaker Information:

Helga Langreiter, CEO of SC Cosmetics Handels GmbH in Austria began marketing and distributing Swiss Color® products in Austria and Germany in 2005.


She is responsible for the national and international distribution of Permanent Make up, Microblading and Beauty products in over 65 countries and manages a team of 20 people at Swiss Color® headquarters. Helga is passionate about providing the market with only the best products. Developing new, high quality and worldwide renowned Swiss Color® and Derma SR products is her focus. In her presentation, she will give a short overview of the history of Swiss Color® and the ingredients used in Swiss Color® pigments.

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