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DS Dust Rose Lips

DS Dust Rose Lips is a specially developed PMU technique created by Dolores Srok.


Dolores Srok

SC Trainer and distributor for Croatia
International PMU Master Artist, educator, entrepreneur, and owner of DS Elite Permanent Make Up; founder of her own DS PMU Academy in Rijeka, Croatia


Speaker Information:

Dolores Srok's career in the world of Permanent make up began more than 10 years ago. She has always been drawn to the beauty, simplicity and powerful results that Permanent make up offers women. And that is exactly what Dolores is excited about - pushing the boundaries of Permanent make up further and further.

Because she truly loves and enjoys her profession, she spends all her free time researching, designing and sketching for her clients before she even touches a client's face. For Dolores, happy and satisfied clients and perfect treatments come first and always come before anything else. She is one of the leading and most sought-after Master Educators in the world.


Her passionate way of teaching is recognised by many people and today she has numerous Masterclasses, conferences and summits behind her. Over the years she has developed her own special and recognisable PMU techniques, which she now presents at conferences around the globe. PMU is not just a job for Dolores, but a way of life, and she enjoys every moment of it!

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