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Realistic Brows

Realistic Eyebrows is the most natural way to represent eyebrows.


Cristina Terschak

SC Trainer
CEO Dermaline Beauty, Romania


Speaker Information:

Cristina Terschak is a PMU artist and trainer who has been working at the Swiss Color® Academy in Bucharest, Romania for 5 years. She is a natural at drawing with a pencil and switching to a PMU machine has opened up a new universe for her to create artwork.

From ancient tattooing techniques to today's, Cristina has made a journey from the local stage to international recognition. She currently teaches PMU masterclasses for eyebrows and lips for Swiss Color® in Austria and Switzerland and has been a speaker at local and international congresses such as PMU Red Carpet, Romania and PMU Look Congress, Chile. A master of all PMU techniques, she has continuously nurtured and guided young talents from scratch to become independent PMU artists. Her masterpiece is the hairstroke technique called 'Realistic Eyebrows' which she creates using a PMU device.

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